Rebels revolution and reaction with Fergal Keane

Saturday 29th April
16:00 - 17:30

Throughout his career as a journalist and author Fergal Keane has witnessed the great upheavals of the past 25 years with a rigorous but compassionate eye. His next book, Wounds, focuses on the impact of the Irish War Of Independence on his own family history. In this exclusive interview, he speaks to Little Atoms’ Padraig Reidy about history, literature, and the post-Trump world order.


Fergal Keane OBE is a BBC Special Correspondent and the author of Books including Road of Bone, Seasons of Blood and Letter to Daniel. His next book, Wounds: A Memoir of Love and War, is published in September.

Padraig Reidy

Padraig Reidy is editor of Little Atoms, and a judge of the 2017 Paul Foot Awards for investigative journalism.